The recent study published in an American magazine by Professor Louis Ignarro, Nobel prize in Medicine, in cooperation with Giuseppe Cirino, Vincenzo Mirone and Roberta d’Emanuele, lecturers of University of Naples Federico II, shows what a wide literature promised in the past.
Scientists have discovered two enzymes in the cavernous tissue of the male organ which product hydrogen sulphide or H2S, the real cause of men’s erection and vasodilation. Several tests in rats’ erotic reactions have shown it.
The natural Viagra is in a word the same gas that shrouds for millenniums the oldest volcano of the phlegrean coast, the Solfatara, mentioned by Strabo in his Geography and visited by over 130.000 tourists per year ; a stretch of fumaroles and saunas marked by a typical aroma which inebriates or disgusts people. Essence of sulphur, indeed!
[...] Researchers said the study could lead to an alternative to Viagra, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science journal reported.


  1. [Pozzuoli, Happy Sex Thanks to Volcano Solfatara by Conchita Sannino, translated by Vittorio Pace,
    on La Repubblica (4 March 2009)]
    [Sex drug hope over rotten egg gas
    from BBC NEWS (3 March 2009)]


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