In the early 1950s, Ischia was nothing but sun, sea and green-clad slopes. The roads were unpaved and there was practically no tourism.
A peaceful, isolated world - until Angelo Rizzoli, a famous producer and publisher, arrived on the island in the summer of 1952 bringing the world of the movies with him. Along with the film stars, the international jet-set made its appearance, including the industrial and financial elite, beautiful women and great musicians.
The night life was extraordinary. Whereas Capri only had two or three night clubs, in its golden years Ischia boasted a dozen of them. People flocked to hear Renato Carosone, Fausto Cigliano, Mina and Marino Barreto sing at night spots called Rancio Fellone, Monky Bar, Castello Aragonese, Moresco, Scotch Club, Pignatiello. It really was the dolce vita. The atmosphere was unique. In those years, Ischia was the Italian music capital, not only because artists whose records sold by the million sang in its night clubs but also because of its frontier spirit, its open-minded approach to new experiences.


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