You pleasant breezes,
that play in my breast,
you sapphires of the waves,
that kiss my feet,
tell me what kind of deity
has lit up these shades?
What has gilded the waves of Doris,
what kind of sunrise,
with its most beautiful rays,
has gilded that which was silver?
Paradise of Flora, leafy bower,
love’s realm, welcoming all delights!
By the shade of your rocks,
Zefiro respectfully folds his wings.
If a divine beauty
comes to stroll on this beach,
happy the shores, daring the sands.
Thus beautiful in her moist shell
Tethys never emerged
from the depths of the cavern.
In her float that whips the shadows,
the most beautiful dawn
appeared from the East.
Zefiro and Mergellina:
Come on, shine calm waves,
Come on, rejoice tranquil breezes,
now that the tresses of Phyllis
scatter golden rays on these sands.
Recitative, duet:
Neither the sea, nor the sky has
pearls or stars in their hollow spheres,
more shining or more beautiful
than her rosy mouth or her smiling eyes.
Mergellina: 1) From the vermilion
of those lips Cupid extracts nectar.
Zefiro: 2) From those eyes the God of
Gnido [Cupid] shoots his arrows.
Silence! Zefiro, be silent, so that
the beauty that adorns these rocks
with sweet tones will make
the winds' wings stop and fall asleep.
What magical pleasing voice
demanded me to halt my flight,
so that even my siren
cannot conquer a heart like Ulysses’?
Oh turn there, turn the stern
towards the beach, wayward oars!
Because a new siren,
here with different fate,
weaves spells of life, not death.
In tempering the accents
of the singing sorceress,
she loses her allure.
With innocent allurements
she becomes a tyrant
to an adoring heart.
Recitative, duet:
Mergellina: Zefiro! Do not sigh for the
lightening of that gaze!
Zefiro: Mergellina! Do not burn
for the sound of that night!
Ah! because of the immense delight,
ecstatic with joy,
drunk with awe,
I am numb.
Let us to the waves to fish
a beautiful treasure,
so that the blindfolded god
with his fishhook and bait
of golden tresses,
can prey on a heart.
And now that Phyllis appears at these
shores, the sky glimmers, the earth smiles,
and the sea sparkles!




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