Lisel Oppel (b. 14 October 1897 in Bremen; d. 11 July 1960 in Bremen) was a painter and ceramicist. In the course of many travels that took her far afield of her adopted home town Worpswede, she became a very cosmopolitan artist. Freedom and independence were more important to her than a secure life dictated by convention.
Oppel put up with a number of disadvantages for the sake of her independence. During the National Socialist era, for example, she refused to become a member of the Reich Chamber of Culture and thus relinquished the right to receive coupons for painting utensils. She also courageously took on the challenge of caring for her son without giving up her art. Lisel Oppel spent a number of years in Italy. In a pottery workshop in Vietri sul Mare near Positano, she learned the ceramics craft, which became her second professional mainstay. In the 1950s she also travelled to Spain, Morocco and Egypt to paint.


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