Sunday, August 19, 2012


If you enjoy light-hearted stories with a touch of humor and satire, then Koites: An Ancient Myth About How Modern Day Sex Relationships Came to Be by Kyllie Pinker will provide you hours of entertaining fun. The author sweeps us into a fable about a place named Licentia and a time long ago where desirable women sported bushy legs and hairy arm pits and men shaved themselves hairless clean-shaven; where coupling rituals were strictly controlled and women had the power to chose a mate best suited.
"I wrote Koites as a comedic backstory to Ovid’s famous myth about Actaeon and Diana.
When I was a kid, I had a love for ancient Greek and Roman mythology. My readings made me want to travel extensively to the ancient ruins: Ephesus, Athens, and Delphi, for example. I also lived in Naples, Italy for three years and spent a great deal of time roaming the ancient ruins there, including Pompeii and the Phlegraean Fields. The grand temples of the goddesses especially inspired my imagination, so I really wanted to write a story set in mythical ancient times."

Friday, August 10, 2012


Naples has a side that few visitors get to see. Tom Downey and Neil Gower's graphic novella takes you on a hunt for one of its treasures–the perfect slice of pizza–and on a delectable tour of other insider spots. 
The uniqueness of Neapolitan pizza comes from its ingredients—tomatoes grown in the volcanic soil of Vesuvius, cheese made locally and served as soon as it's ready, crust formed from a storied starter. Most bars in Naples are really caf├ęs, which is too bad because it means there are fewer places to sample the memorable wines of Campania. 
Perched between Naples and Ischia, Procida is utterly different from its popular neighbors in the Bay of Naples. Even in high season, it manages to maintain a local feel. During off-peak times, you may be the only non-native wandering among the tightly packed pastel buildings in the port of Corricella, a stunning little Mediterranean harbor.