If you enjoy light-hearted stories with a touch of humor and satire, then Koites: An Ancient Myth About How Modern Day Sex Relationships Came to Be by Kyllie Pinker will provide you hours of entertaining fun. The author sweeps us into a fable about a place named Licentia and a time long ago where desirable women sported bushy legs and hairy arm pits and men shaved themselves hairless clean-shaven; where coupling rituals were strictly controlled and women had the power to chose a mate best suited.
"I wrote Koites as a comedic backstory to Ovid’s famous myth about Actaeon and Diana.
When I was a kid, I had a love for ancient Greek and Roman mythology. My readings made me want to travel extensively to the ancient ruins: Ephesus, Athens, and Delphi, for example. I also lived in Naples, Italy for three years and spent a great deal of time roaming the ancient ruins there, including Pompeii and the Phlegraean Fields. The grand temples of the goddesses especially inspired my imagination, so I really wanted to write a story set in mythical ancient times."


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