Many know Breguet for its superb complicated timepieces or for the incredible historical watch inventions made by its founding father, Abraham-Louis Breguet, who is credited with creating the world’s first tourbillion (a watch with an escapement that compensates for the errors in timekeeping due to the effects of gravity when the watch is in certain positions), which he patented in 1801. What many may not realize is that Breguet created the first known wristwatch. 
In 1810, Napoleon’s younger sister, Caroline Murat, wife of the King of Naples, wrote to Abraham-Louis Breguet requesting he create a watch for her wrist with a bracelet made of hair and thin threads of gold. Considered the forefather of many great watchmaking inventions, Breguet had an exceptional reputation amongst the European elite due to his tireless thirst for perfection in horology. “It is unclear if the wristwatch was Abraham-Louis Breguet’s idea or the queen’s,” says Emmanuel Breguet, Breguet’s descendant and today, the historian for the brand. “Hence, we say that we are cocreators of the first wristwatch.”




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