A Place In The Sun adapted and re-contextualized the Australian model [ Neighbours ] to a considerable extent, introducing features and contents that were specifically and unmistakably Italian into the world of the serial, starting from the multi-layered articulation of the 'place'.
Un posto al sole is set in the southern city of Naples, where is also produced and shot. Naples is a highly recognizable and familiar setting for Italians, owing to its traditional presence in popular films, music and theatre.
A Place In The Sun exploits Naples as a sumptuos scenographic resource for the numerous scenes shot on location, giving this soap a brightness that is unusual in the genre, and as a linguistic and stylistic resource - the Neapolitan accents, the humorous tone of som of the characters and situations - which reinforce the overall effect of cultural proximity and recognizability.


  1. Milly Buonanno, Italian TV Drama and Beyond: Stories from the Soil, Stories from the Sea


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