Morning sunshine
You are always smiling when I open my....
My eyes do shine
Radiate like a nuclear dense cloud

You're like a real strong cup of tea
Giving me more than energy
Caffeine is just a small advance

For all the triggers that make me

Na nana nana nananana boy you make me dance
Na nana nana nananana you put me in a trance

Good night sleep tight
feels as if I could swim across the ocean
My Film star
Playing the lead in my nightly stop motion

Ginseng is weak compared to you
I'm wandering round without a clue
By enforcing my sweet fantasy
My pheromones are making me

Like the Amalfi
Coast you are wildly curling beautiful
Water makes me fond of the un useful

Long time ago I fell for you
But we had so much more to do
It took a while to synchronize
But now we're locked it makes me


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