A square, a monument, a basaltic weft, the sky and the night, fractals of genius loci, self referenced stories, colours and smells, ethnography: each city, Davide Bramante notes, “ is the place of our vision, such as nature and its cosmos were in the past, cities now are the real imagery of present times because they are made with my images”. Artworks, realized with the technique of multiple exposition on shooting, are mounted under plexiglass: each one unveils all the meticulous details composing the vision of the artist. 
With Roccaforte, audience sinks in something seeming natural but is out of the ordinary, as in a complex net to be perceived in its struggling time ambiguity: “…Sometimes I mix these things and do not understand if I am going back or forward the time and the space”, the artist ends. The show entitles Roccaforte because Bramante likes to accentuate the relation with Naples, a city that always represented a reference and the main creative source in his practice during the years since his first solo show on 1999. 


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