I've been known to impulse-buy antique and unusual coffee brewers whenever I come across them, so it's only natural I would snatch up a Neapolitan Flip brewer at the first opportunity. Drawn to the idea of a hands-off pour-over method, I also love the simple logic of the design, even as I tried to hack it to make the coffee taste better. 
Called Napoletana or cuccumella in Italian, the pots were likely invented in Naples in the 17th century, and were modeled after an earlier coffee pot invented by the French Archbishop Jean-Baptiste de Belloy. The pots became very popular in Naples and throughout Southern Italy, and while they look like their more modern cousin the moka pot, a cuccumella uses gravity instead of pressure in order to brew. 
The small size is perfect for a single serving, and the aluminum pieces are super durable and easy to clean.




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