I wanted to ask you about your region in Italy, as a few techno stars come from there. What do you think is so special about that part of Italy?
Joseph Capriati: Napoli is the capital of techno in Italy, the most important techno artists in Italy come from there; Marco Carola, Marc Antonio, Davide Squillace, Gaetano Parisio – everyone is from Napoli, a lot of people don’t know this. They were there from the early Nineties making techno, and people only discovered them a few years ago that’s the funny thing. Right now though Napoli is finally getting the recognition it deserves around the world, it’s TechNapoli now. Our style of techno is influenced by funky bass and happy grooves, that’s why we call it ‘Funk TechNapoli’ because it’s our kind of techno.
I’m very proud to be from Napoli because there’s a real, proper scene and it’s getting close to what they have in Detroit and Berlin. We just need a few more years to show people what we’re all about but we’re getting there – it has to be respected as one of the capitals of techno. There is not a lot going on in the commercial end of things, everyone has their own studio and nobody helps us to make tracks. There is a strong spirit in Napoli and we’re like a big crew, we share things and this makes me very proud to be from there.




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