Roberto Murolo, along with Sergio Bruni and Renato Carosone, was a major figure on the Neapolitan music scene, in the period after World War II, and it is also thanks to his work that Naples ceased to be a geographical place to become a universal, all-time place of the soul.
"Murolo is not the reason that Neapolitan songs such as 'O sole mio and Funiculì-Funilulà are known abroad. That goes back to yet an earlier generation, the years at the turn of the century when so many Neapolitans emigrated and took their music with them. 
Interestingly, however, Murolo was part of the post-WW2 generation of Neapolitan singers who resisted the onslaught of American popular music and helped keep the traditional music of his native culture from becoming passé".




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