Monday, December 29, 2014


Talking about sandals means talking about the first type of footwear worn by mankind. The ancient type of footwear known   as “calzari” was worn to protect the feet from bad weather and dangers and only acquired fashionable details at a later stage. 
The earliest testimony of the existence of sandals dates back to the ancient Egypt. 
Historical and iconographic sources indicate that the Romans already boasted about twenty styles each leading to different trends and fashions. Having decided to retire to the island of Capri during his final years, Tiberius Emperor reached the island wearing a pair of heavy-soled sandals with leather straps wrapped around the ankle.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Page after page, the book narrates the extravaganza of the international jet set, the leisure time activities of the great industrialists, the excesses of aristocrats, the glamour of the cover girls, the amusements of the intellectuals and the trifles of the politicians. It hands back the image of a special world, caught up in its light-hearted time.
It is a world made up of the elite, in every field and every country, from King Farouk of Egypt, an habitue of the island, to writer Graham Greene, who always sat at the same table at his favorite restaurant; from the “atomic” Rita Hayworth, who walked the alleys of Capri followed by an adoring crowd to Aristotle Onassis, who strode around the town’s centre; from his wife Tina to Maria Callas, the famous opera singer for whom he had lost his head.
In the evening, under Capri’s starry sky, celebrities and anonymous people danced until dawn to the voice of Roberto Murolo, the tunes of Luna Caprese, the music of Renato Carosone and the songs of the young newly-famous singer Peppino di Capri.