Between 1634 and 1636 Giambattista Basile wrote the first collection of short stories entirely devoted to childhood, "Lo Cunto de li Cunti overo Lo trattenemiento de' peccerille" (= trattenemiento de peccerille" (The tale of tales, or how to entertain kids) in the Neapolitan language, published posthumously thanks to the author's sister, Adriana Basile, a famous singer.  
The Cunto has been the source of inspiration for the literary genre of the fairy-tale in European literature. Some of the most famous fairy tales - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots - are the result of reductions or adjustments from Basile's tales. Benedetto Croce said of this important work: "Italy has in Lo Cunto de li Cunti by Basile, the oldest, richest and most artistic of all the books of folk tales".
"Lo Cunto" is a collection of tales of folk origin, written in Neapolitan dialect, and inserted in a frame along the lines of the Decameron. The narrative is divided into five days (hence the other title of Pentamerone), each including ten fairy tales.


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