The sea around Ischia displays so many nuances of emotions, dashing its fury against the rocks or else calmly embracing the island, moon and lovers.
Maria, sitting on the boat opposite her husband, Giovan Battista Meneghini, whom she fondly calls “Titta”, watches the oars as they slice through the waves and thinks about her destiny. She recalls her mother who neglected her, leaving her a distorted legacy about the nature of love, and an absent father, who would condition her view of the male figure.  
She remembers singing in an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village to earn a living and later meeting Giovanni Zenatello, who immediately engaged her to debut at the prestigious Verona Arena in Italy. And here she is, in Italy, where everything began and while she muses over her past and what shaped her as “La Callas”, the artist and woman, she gazes  affectionately at the man opposite her.


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