The “Colline Salernitane” extra virgin olive oil has very ancient roots. It comes from local varieties of olives which have always been present in the Salernitan area. The oil gets its typical characteristics from the climatic, historical and economic peculiarities of this territory. The oil is extracted from the local varieties “Rotondella”, “il Frantoio”, “la Carpellese” or “Nostrale” by at least 65% and the remaining 35% is “Ogliarola” and “Leccino”. The methods of cultivation are also entirely traditional. 
The olives must be picked before the 31st of December of every year. They are picked by hand and with the help of shaking machines and picking any olive that has fallen to the ground is forbidden. 
The production and elaboration area of this oil includes 87 municipalities, one of which is Eboli. The milling process has to happen within the area in which the olives are picked and within registered oil mills. 




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