Viewers of Un Posto Al Sole will not be dazzled by fake, luxurious scenes à-la-Beautiful, however: instead, they will behold a cocktail of 50% intrigue and the other 50%, crafted stories passed off as real-life drama, inspired by socially relevant issues, in any event. There will be no parties and exclusive clubs here. 
The secret of its success, is precisely this: produced by the public television center in Naples (RAI Napoli) and FremantleMedia, a British television production and distribution company, viewers get a slice of life sprinkled with enticing love stories, intrigue and comedy, all perfectly woven together each evening to create the right dose of suspense, when suddenly the theme song plays and the credits start rolling, and viewers can’t wait to tune in the following evening for the next episode, just as they have been doing for 20 years.


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