There is no doubt that Ettore Giannini  is in love with Naples and is wearing his heart where it can easily be seen in pleasing shades of Technicolor. His Neapolitan saga, roughly covering three centuries up to the present, is bridged by the intermittent appearances of a homeless, impecunious but happy hurdy-gurdy man's family. 
There are, to summarize, five ballet numbers executed by the Marquis de Cuevas company, the African Ballet of Keita Fodeba and the Rome Opera Theatre. And, as noted in the credits, the voices of such famed talents as Beniamino Gigli make the "singers" on screen sound impressive in such standards as "Santa Lucia," "Funiculi, Funicula" and "O Sole Mio."
Since "Carousel" first saw the light of day in 1954, it can be listed as among the first films to feature Sophia Loren.




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