Tuesday, November 22, 2016


The Neapolitan Guarattelle are an ancient type of puppets to glove born in Naples around 1500. The special feature of the show is the voice of Pulcinella which is achieved thanks to the "pivetta", a tool that the puppeteer keeps at the bottom of the palate during performances. This combines a unique and surprising movement technique of puppets and a power acting while practicing that make the shows theatrical performance incredibly modern.
In his study Gaspare Nasuto teaches courses in wood carving and training for a new generation of artists puppeteers. Its wooden puppets, small masterpieces of craftsmanship, are in private collections and museums in Italy and abroad.
Gaspare Nasuto is among the artists puppeteers more rewarded. So many are the productions dedicated to Pulcinella, that he is considered an interpreter and also an author.

Monday, November 14, 2016


So what, you might be wondering, is the best way to finish off dinner?
With La Caravella’s legendary Amalfi lemon soufflé, of course! It’s the stuff dreams are made of (and that you should order in advance when booking your reservation).
Salvatore Quasimodo, the 1959 Nobel literature prize winner, described it as having “the sun in your plate.” I’m quite sure Quasimodo’s description is better than anything I could ever devise, and so we’ll just leave it at that.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Italy! Like nowhere else on earth – the sunshine and sea salt, the smell of citrus and coffee, a flirtatious glance, an incomparable song drawn deep from the heart. 
Italy and its immortal music have a magical pull on people like no other culture – and Jonas Kaufmann feels this particularly keenly. The new album Dolce vita is his tribute to this culture, this way of life that has conceived one immortal melody after the other for the tenor voice and influenced him so much. 
The passion and beauty of Italian melody can also be heard in such Neapolitan hits as Torna a Surriento, Core ’ngrato and Passione. Even some of today’s pop songs display the unmistakable stamp of italianità, as for example in Un amore così grande, which was first sung and recorded by Mario Del Monaco in 1976, or in Lucio Dalla’s Caruso and Romano Musumarra’s Il canto, written expressly for Luciano Pavarotti.