Maradona was undoubtedly the most valuable player after the world cup and he was already playing in Napoli. Especially after the world cup, all eyes turned to Napoli. He continued to live his best years and took a major role in Napoli's two championships in the seasons 1986–87 and 1989–90.
The city of Naples had a special relationship with Maradona. Being ultimately a religious city, Naples regarded Maradona as a semi-saint (or maybe a real saint) figure. There were shrines dedicated to Maradona, people lid candles and made special prayers on Sundays and festivities.
Naples and Maradona has one serious conflict. In the world cup '90 which was held in Italy, he requested the city to support Argentina instead of Italy. He backed his idea by reminding them how the Italian governments which were dominated by North, neglected South Italy and Naples.


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