Magic, mystery, a thirst for wonders and for the unknown, and a pagan sun-religion.
An ambiguous nature envelops Naples, however wonderful in color and climate it might be, for thundering within the bowels of the earth is the mysterious fury of the volcano and the earthquakes that in the past have buried entire nations.
The mystery of excellence in Naples is called liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro: twice a year the blood contained in vials liquefies when it comes into proximity with the head of the martyr which is guarded in the reliquary.
Here we are in the heart of the mystery, the Sansevero Chapel, which is linked to the figure of Prince Raimondo of Sangro, an alchemist, magician and necromancer. Here we find a real miracle of art: Giuseppe Sammartino’s famous veiled Christ, for the marble veil over the deposed Christ is able to simultaneously cover and completely reveal his body.


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