As described in Raffaele Bracale’s book Neapolitan Aphrodisiac Cuisine (curated by CB’s Naples bureau chief Amedeo Colella), the eroticism here is hidden in typical Neapolitan foods and dishes: minestra maritata (wedding soup, in which the vegetables are “married” with salami), caprese salad, sautéed clams, mussel soup, and spaghetti with clams.
And we would argue that, on the whole, there is a sensual, carnal and erotic undercurrent flowing through Naples’ cuisine, which stems from the city itself: the favorable climate, the lapping of the sea, the scents of the city and the profile of Vesuvius are the real aphrodisiac factors.
Rather than exotic ingredients or complex chemical compounds, we rely on local products from Campania Felix, the Roman name for the fertile countryside surrounding Naples, for a dash of stimulating zest. From basil and rocket to tomatoes and garlic all can be found at our weekly neighborhood markets.




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