Falerno wine was one of the best wines in Ancient Rome and, along with its prestigeous competitor Caecuban wine, the most celebrated by Roman writers, politicians and even Emperors.
Falerno wine was so highly priced that the Romans believed it was created by the God of wine himself: according to legend, Falerno was the name of an old man that lived in the Falerno wine Cru.
But where did this legendary wine come from? the production of Falerno wine was limited to a small region known at the time as Ager Falernus. This region lays in the north of Campania, Italy, specifically in a small area in the province of Caserta.
The Romans’ idea of wine regions was very similar to our modern concept of Cru; in this sense, Ager Falernus was probably the first wine Cru in the world. The Romans took Falerno wine very seriousely, and they invested a lot of time and effort in making it: they chose the best grapes, selected the best amphorae, and even specified the year when it was made, the area, and the name of the producer.




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